TIC Announces new AIMSPO Certification for the T-47/M5 Test Set

t47m5Tel Instrument Electronics Corp. (TIC) has just received an additional AIMS approval for our latest revision of software for the T-47/M5 Test Set, P/N 90 000 145. This update has added new capabilities and numerous customer request features including but not limited too:

TIC announces the SDR-OMNI/MIL variation.

sdr omnitestSeptember 2023 Announcement

Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp. (TIC) has just released the SDR-OMNI/MIL. The Military version of the highly successful SDR-All-In-One Avionic Test Set. This unit keeps all of the standard avionics testing capabilities but also adds TACAN and ATC Modes 1 & 2. This model is a direct replacement for legacy Tel-Instrument T-47 Series and the IFR 4000 and 6015 Test Sets. Contained in a rugged Class 1 MIL-SPEC packaging for rugged use in all weather and conditions for the military applications.

SDR-Omni Product Demonstration Videos

SDR-Omni Accessories and Transit Case


ISO 9001 Quality RED RGB

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