T-4530i IFF Test Set

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The T-4530i is the next evolution of the highly successful TS-4530A Test Set. Option B Crypto Interface (KIV-77 and SIT-2010) the T-4530i will fully test, simulate and analyze the following systems: Interrogator/Transponder for Modes 1, 2, 3A, C, S, EHS, ADS-B TX and RX (compliant) with Mode 4 (optional) and Mode 5 Level 1 & 2 and TCAS I & II. Comprehensive testing of TACAN Receiver Transmitters in A/A, G/A, and A/A BCN.

Our new NiMH Battery can provide over 4 hours of continuous operation on one battery with one charge.

Lightest Ramp Test Set available. Full color display and easy to use front panel navigation utilizing a simple Joystick – The user friendly interface allows for fast and simple verification of aircraft installed avionic systems.

  • Interrogator and Transponder Tests Modes 1, 2, 3A, C, S, EHS, Mode 4 (Optional) and Mode 5 (L1 & L2).
  • RoHs Compliant for international use.
  • Specific tests designed to complete transponder integration tests IAW DoD AIMS 1102A/B.
  • Utilize either the Option B KIV-77 or SIT-2010 CCI Applique.
  • Full TACAN testing of A/A, G/A and A/A BCN on all 256 TACAN channels X and Y.
  • TCAS I, TCAS II and E-TCAS airborne systems intruder simulations.
  • Full testing of ADS-B in compliance with RTCA DO-260 A and B requi2ements.
  • Long lasting NiMH battery, 2 batteries included providing up to 8 hours of continuous use.
  • Supports Remote Client** testing utilizing USB connection to any laptop or desktop computer.

EXPORT CONTROL WARNING: This product is controlled for export under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). A license from the U.S. Department of State is required prior to the export of this product from the United States.

TR-36 Equivalency Specifications

July 25, 206

TO: All commercial operators of TIC T-30 and T-36 series NAV/COMM Ramp Testers

SUBJECT: New TIC TR-36 NAV/COMM Ramp Tester Equivalence to previous TIC units

fp masterTIC is proud to introduce the new TR-36 NAV/COMM Ramp Test set (TIC P/N 90000136) to the commercial aviation marketplace. This is a new product based on a proven hardware platform that TIC has supplied to the US military for the last several years. The software on the new TR-36 has been developed for the commercial avionics ramp test market with test capability for new and legacy avionics on today s aircraft.

The TR-36 electrical and RF specifications meet or exceed those of all previous TIC NAV/COMM testers, including the T-30 series (T-30C, T-30CM1, T-30CM2 and T-30D) and the T-36 series (T-36C and T-36M). It is a suitable and cost-effective equivalent for those models.

In addition, the TR-36 incorporates new features, including the ability to test 406 MHz ELTs and SELCAL radios.

The TR-36, TIC P/N 90000136, is a direct replacement for the T-30C, T-36C and T-36M products, which have been discontinued.

The new TR-36 is a software radio design that features extremely stable RF performance over temperature due to its self-calibrating design. It also has the capability for field software updates as the industry requirements evolve.

For further technical inquiries, please contact TIC Product Support at 201-933-1600 x 302 or www.telinst.com.

Chris Allen
Vice-President of Business Development
Tel-Instrument Electronics Corporation
1 Branca Road, East Rutherford, NJ 07073


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