New Avionics Ramp Test Sets - The Rollout of IFF Mode 5

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The Rollout of IFF Mode 5


Tel-Instrument has announced a new advanced avionics ramp test set, the TR-420 with IFF Mode 5 support and Mode S EHS test capability, both of which are new military requirements.  The TR-420 provides auto and manual Interrogator and Transponder IFF testing, plus Mode S Transponders, EHS, and ADS-B. 


TACAN/DME, ADS-B Transmit/Receive and TCAS testing functionality are also offered as part of the standard TR-420 test set capability.  The TR-420 is Tel s commercial product which is derived from the company s current Navy contract for the USM-708, which includes all of these functions, plus additional NAV/COMM/Sonobuoy and Shipboard tests.

One of the latest and most important innovations in military avionics is the improved IFF capabilities of the new Mode 5 Interrogators and Transponders.  Developed in collaboration between the Navy, NATO, the National Security Agency (NSA), Raytheon and BAE Systems, Mode 5 is a significantly more secure and reliable format for data communications and military aircraft authentication. 

Tel-instrument has worked closely with the Navy to develop the only new IFF ramp test sets which include IFF Mode 5 Interrogator and Transponder testing using the KIV-78.    The new Tel-Instrument IFF test sets are more accurate than previous generation test sets; easier to use with large 5.7 inch color LCD display and soft-key navigation, and can be updated as needed via software distribution.   

The rugged and dependable design includes long battery life, external power, with hand held antenna to radiate to and from the unit-under-test (UUT) or cable to directly connect to the UUT antenna port.

The TR-420 is available now via GSA, the AN/USM-719 is shipping to the Navy in initial quantities.  The AN/USM-708 will ship in 2009.  For more information about the TR-420 and the AN/USM-719 see the product information on this website.

The TR-420 is available on the GSA schedule.  Tel-Instrument products are available on the GSA Schedule

Click HERE to read more about the TR-420.


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