TIC Announces new AIMSPO Certification for the T-47/M5 Test Set

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t47m5Tel Instrument Electronics Corp. (TIC) has just received an additional AIMS approval for our latest revision of software for the T-47/M5 Test Set, P/N 90 000 145. This update has added new capabilities and numerous customer request features including but not limited too:

  • The ability to utilize the TAP-Omni Antenna Coupler for accurate over the air testing eliminating multipath issues
  • Creation of dedicated Lethal or Non-Lethal formats
  • Improved SIT2010 CCI support for International customers
  • Collect and Display reply data to a Mode 5 Level II when interrogated as a Level I
Tap Omni 2

The full Service Bulletin link is here:  


The T-47/M5 Test Set is a ramp style test set designed to test Mark XIIA (Mode 5 Level 1 & 2), Modes 1, 2, 3A C, 4 (NSM) and Mode S, EHS, ADS-B In/Out, TCAS and TACAN IFF aircraft and ground support systems. Supports the KIV 77, KIV 78 and SIT2010 out of the box.

DoD AIMSPO has certified the Test Set for 03-1000B Amendment 1 and AMSPO 1102 integration testing requirements.

All new production Test Set will receive the new software and all Repair Orders and units for calibration will be upgraded at no cost to the customer with the exception of a calibration charge. Please see the Service Bulletin for more information on the upgrade and servicing options.


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