TS-4530A Upgrade Kit

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4530a_thumb.pngTS-4530A/UPM Mode 5 Upgrade Description

The TS-4530/UPM Upgrade Kit will be a two piece sub-assembly with all operating software installed on the primary sub-assembly and ready for final calibration

Primary Top Cover Sub-assembly Description

The existing top cover will be replaced with a new top cover that will contain the housing for the crypto with hinged crypto cover, new color OLED display, GPS Antenna, single PCB (printed circuit board), auxiliary power connector, RS-232 connector, and USB connector. 

The new single board includes the RF, digital and power supply circuitry. The current TS-4530/UPM power supply, digital and RF boards will be replaced by the new single PCB.  Power for the KIT/KIR & KIV-77 will come from a new power supply incorporated on the single PCB design. 

The new top cover will also include a crypto housing flip up front door with integrated GPS antenna, as well as a master USB, RS-232, 9 pin D Type connector and auxiliary power connector (See figure 1). 

With all pieces of the primary upgrade attached to the new top cover it will be very simple to install.  The two piece upgrade sub-assemblies can be installed with minimal training in less than 30 minutes as described in the upgrade kit installation procedure summary following.

Switch Housing Sub-assembly Description

The current switch housing will be removed and Tel will provide a new switch housing that will contain switches S-1, S-2, and S-3.  Switches S-1 and S-2 will be identical to the current switches used in the TS-4530 while S-3 will be changed to a new tactile switch. 

The new tactile switch can act and operate exactly like the old S-3 when pressed.  In addition the new S-3 will also have (4) direction capability meaning the operator can move the activation cursor on the display up/down or left/right by pushing the switch accordingly.  It retains the form fit and functions of the old S-3 switch while providing a more efficient way to control the activation cursor and can be easily operated while wearing NBC gear.

The new tactile switch is highly reliable and will be protected with environmental boot to protect from moisture, dirt and EMI emissions. 

NSN 6625-01-573-3586

EXPORT CONTROL WARNING: This product is controlled for export under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). A license from the U.S. Department of State is required prior to the export of this product from the United States. 


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