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TR-220 01-2019 (123.64 kB)
Tel-Instruments has identified an error in the display of ADS-B OUT data.   The TCAS Operational bit and RA Active bit were being decoded from BDS register 6,2.  In cases where BDS register 6,2 was not being transmitted by the aircraft, erroneous data was being displayed. The new software decodes these bits from BDS register 6,5. This register is always transmitted by ADS-B OUT aircraft and eliminates the possible erroneous display
TR-220 02-2007 (26.10 kB)
SW Update to add SI Lock Out test
TR-220 01-2007 (32.72 kB)
SW Updte to add Jitter/Reply Delau/Pulse Width/Amplitude Tests
TR-220 01-2011 (30.56 kB)
Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp periodically updates the software and hardware to reflect
customer requests, add enhancements, or to correct minor deficiencies. A new software release
for the above mentioned Test Set will provide the Operator/Owner with changes allowing
operators to test IAW RTCA DO- 260A, DO-240(2) (for Test Sets being upgraded from 4.10) and
adding RTCA DO-260B testing capability for Test Sets already having revision 5.00 or greater.
TR-220 SB 01-2017 (143.01 kB)

TR-220 Servcie Bulletin detailing the changes to Sofware Revision 5.00 Or greater:

Correcting a Sensitivity measurment  anomoly for GTX-345 Transponders

Adding AD-B GVA 6,2 field

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